Ella Sophia Armitage

On today’s episode, Serra Head talks about a wonderful English historian and archaeologist Ella Sophia Armitage. Ella Sophia Armitage Originally posted on the Archaeology Fantasies blog.

The Women in Archaeology Podcast Ep 32 – Utilizing Older Collections

The Women of Archaeology are all professional archaeologists giving their opinions and insights into issues that affect not only women but most professionals in professional archaeology. On today’s episode, the hosts will discuss the value of using older collections. Topics include some of the unique challenges posed when working with older collections, the importance of…

WIA Talk Comics!

If you’ve been following along with us you know we’re all nerds.  One of our hosts, Chelsi recently nerded out on the fabulous PodCapers, a podcast all about comics!  She joins Scott to discuss what exactly is wrong with female superheroes in comic books and why we don’t see more female superheroes on screens big…

The Women in Archaeology Podcast Ep 31 – Cool Women Who Dig

On today’s episode we talk about a new book from Nomad Press by Anita Yasuda called, “Archaeology: Cool Women Who Dig”. It’s a book intended for children ages 9 through 12 and focuses on three dynamic women who are working in archaeology around the world. Cool Women Who Dig

Keet Seel, Navajo National Monument, AZ

Keet Seel is an amazingly well-preserved cliff dwelling at Navajo National Monument. Emily Long provides a description and the prehistory of this beautiful Ancestral Puebloan site. Keet Seel, Navajo National Monument, AZ Transcript: Welcome to another episode of 365 days in archaeology.  I’m Emily Long and I’m going to talk a little bit about one…

WIA at GenCon

Heading to GenCon this weekend?  You’re in luck cause our co-host Sara will be presenting.  If you’ve never heard of GenCon, don’t think you’re missing out on the best archaeology conference of the year.  GenCon is actually one of the oldest gaming conventions in the US and this years its turning 50! If you’re wondering…

The Women in Archaeology Podcast Ep 30 – Underwater Archaeology with Jessica Irwin

On this episode we are joined by underwater archaeologist Jessica Irwin. We will discuss what underwater archaeology is, how it differs from terrestrial archaeology, some of the unique challenges faced by underwater archaeologists, and some really cool underwater sites that have been excavated. Underwater Archaeology with Jessica Irwin


On today’s episode, host of the Women in Archaeology Podcast, Chelsi Slotten, tells us about the exciting world of photogrammetry. What is it and how do you do it? It’s a great toolbox episode and will leave you curious and wanting to experiment! Photogrammetry Transcript: Welcome to the 365 Days of Archaeology Podcast.  I’m Chelsi…

The Effects of Corseting on Skeletal Development

On today’s episode Chelsi Slotten is joined by bioarchaeologist Rebecca Gibson to discuss her work on the skeletal effects of corseting.  Working primarily in London and Paris, Rebecca’s work addresses some modern misconceptions about the use of corsets in the past, and their possible health ramifications. The Effects of Corseting on Skeletal Development