The Women in Archaeology Podcast Ep 37- Sexual Harassment Follow Up

On this episode of the Women in Archaeology Podcast we will be revisiting the topic of sexual harassment. We will discuss new developments in the past year, the SAA panel from the last meeting, and resources for survivors. Sexual Harassment Follow Up Advertisements

Oseberg Ship Burial

On today’s episode we’ll be talking about one of the most famous Viking Ship burials- The Oseberg Ship. Why is this ship so special? What can we learn from it? Why, 100 years after it’s discovery, are we still so enthralled with it’s mysteries? Oseberg Ship Burial

The Women in Archaeology at PAC 2017

The Public Anthropology Conference (PAC) is an annual student run conference at American University in Washington DC.  The theme of this years conference is Scholarship and Resistance and it will take place this upcoming weekend, November 3-4.  Chelsi Slotten, who is a PhD student at American, will be attending and representing the podcast.  If you…

Protest Matters!

Announcing Protest Matters! AAA 2017 Installation and Virtual Museum Protest Matters! is an interactive temporary museum of protest objects that will run in conjunction with the AAA meetings in Washington DC next month. The project invites academics, activists, and local community members to come together and consider the dynamic relationships that exist between art and activism,…

A Brief History of Archaeology

On today’s episode, Trowel Tales and Women in Archaeology host Emily Long gives us a brief history of archaeology. It’s pretty colorful and entertaining. A Brief History of Archaeology

The Women in Archaeology Podcast Ep 34- The Impact of Tourism on Historic Sites

On today’s episode, we will be discussing the impact tourism can have out sites including the good, the bad and the ugly. The discussion will include how tourism impacts sites, the surrounding areas, the broader public, and individuals. The Impact of Tourism on Historic Sites Helpful Links: Tourists Arrested at Colosseum Pompeii is Collapsing Looting…

Statistics in Archaeology

Archaeologists don’t just dig in the dirt – statistics are often used to find trends in the data and show things that weren’t visible with just excavation. Join Chelsi Slotten as she discusses some basic statistical model often used by archaeologists and how to recognize poorly done statistics. Statistics in Archaeology Transcript: Welcome to the…

Ella Sophia Armitage

On today’s episode, Serra Head talks about a wonderful English historian and archaeologist Ella Sophia Armitage. Ella Sophia Armitage Originally posted on the Archaeology Fantasies blog.

The Women in Archaeology Podcast Ep 32 – Utilizing Older Collections

The Women of Archaeology are all professional archaeologists giving their opinions and insights into issues that affect not only women but most professionals in professional archaeology. On today’s episode, the hosts will discuss the value of using older collections. Topics include some of the unique challenges posed when working with older collections, the importance of…